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  • Complete past papers!! This will allow you to become exposed to the different potential questions that can be asked in your exam.

  • There are a lot of topics and formulas in maths so ask your teacher to explain formulas or concepts that you are unsure of, before they pile up. 

  • When reading a question, distinguish what the question is asking, and if all numbers/information are relevant to the solving solution. 

  • When studying for maths and you are unsure of where to begin, start with topics you are unsure about to determine where your strengths and weakness lie.

  • Write down explanations of the formulas/equations/graphs, and write down 1 or 2 examples as to how the formula/equation can be used, graph could be drawn. It'll almost be like a cheat sheet....

  • There are books you can purchase for mathematics and for other subjects, which have culminated past exam papers from early years to the most recent HSC examination. 


  • search for other past papers for trials and HSC online that can be accessed/downloaded.



When answering a maths question, make sure your solution is neat and and written down vertically so your calculations don't get mixed up.