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From our child friendly premises in Haberfield, "Kids on Top" professional paediatric occupational therapy, is a welcome service for pre schoolers, kindergarteners and school aged children.  


Our professional service will support your child's learning needs and support your family from preschool, through to the preparation for the HSC. No matter what your child's needs are, we will offer the very best professional environment to help your child enjoy learning, master self accomplishment and feel socially ready to interact with their peers.





Our spacious waiting area allows you to relax while your child enjoys their session.  There is easy access to our centre, effortless parking right out front and a coffee shop close by for you to have a break while your child is in their session. Parents and carers are always welcome to participate in the session. 


Our rooms are specially set up to enhance learning.  Our therapy room has a white board, fine motor activities and all the props and specialist games to assist in areas of dysgraphia and literacy needs. 


Our physical "mini mover" room is a great perceptual motor and sensory room, perfectly stocked for children to practice purposeful motor and sensory achievements.  It is vital for children to have a combination of "whole child" activity during their Occupational Therapy session and children will gain self esteem and joy as they progress with each session.



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