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Sonya Moriarty


Sonya has worked closely with children for over thirty years, initially starting her career as a Registered Nurse at the Adelaide Children's Hospital. 


Working in the burns unit, Sonya quickly became fascinated and interested in the importance of occupational and play therapy in the healing process and the cognitive development of children. 


After relocating to Sydney, Sonya managed a hand trauma unit at St Luke's Hospital in Potts Point. 


Drawing on her experience and interest in occupational therapy, Sonya persued her Master of Occupational Therapy at Sydney University in 2004.


Sonya has many years experience and her qualifications include:  


Master of Occupational Therapy (Sydney University)


Graduate Diploma in Health Management (UTS)


Diploma of Health Science (Sydney University)

Certificate of Nursing - Registered Nurse (Adelaide Children's Hospital) 

Certificate in Hypnosis. (Academy of Applied Hypnosis)

Continued professional development including:

Self -Regulation: It is a state of mind.  (Prof Chris Chapparo)

Westmead Feelings Program 1.

Zones of Regulation - Leah Kuypers (OT) 

Developing Pretend Play Skills in Children - Advanced (Prof Karen Stagnitti)

Executive Functioning in school students with learning difficulties. (Dr Susan Lowe)


Gravity and Motion workshop (Eileen Richter)

Kings of Swings Sensorimotor workshop (Alex Lopiccolo)

The ABCD's of DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder) and Printing like a Pro. (Dr Jill Wicker)


The Co-Op approach. Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) is a therapeutic intervention approach for people who have difficulties performing motor based skills. (Dr Elspeth Froude)

'The Traffic Jam in My Brain'- A Sensory Processing Approch to Challenges assosiated with Autism, ADHD, Learning and Behavioural Disorders (Presented by Gen Jereb)


Occupational Therapy Australia: Sensory Processing and Everyday Life: Practical and evidence based strategies for supporting children, families and teachers. (Presented by Dr Winnie Dunn)


'Sensory Approach to Arousal Regulation and Developmental Trauma (Presented by Shiela Frick)


'How Does Your Engine Run?'- The Alert Program For Self Regulation (Presented by Carla Cay Williams)


CPD-Sensory Profile (Presented by Dr Winnie Dunn)


Counselling for Non-Counsellors (Presented by NSW Health)


Makaton Basic Workshop- Makaton Australia (Presented by Learning Links, NSW)


Developmental Assessment and Introduction to Early Start Denver Model for Autism Spectrum Disorders 

(Presented by Dr. Laurie Vismara & Dr. Cynthia Zierhut, M.I.N.D. Insitute, U.S.A.)


Sensory Defensiveness Course (Presented by Patricia and Julia Wilbarger, Sydney Australia)


Visual Perception Issues in Handwriting (Presented by OT Australia)


Play and Learning for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Presented by Learning Links)


Intervention Approaches for Autism Spectrum Disorders (Presented by ASPECT)

OT Australia Membership number: 204729   

HIC provide number: 2706 463B                

Registered with Medicare to provide services under Better Access to Mental Health (BAMH) care plans and Enhanced Primary Care Plans (EPC) . 

Registered with all major health funds. 

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