There are many skills required for academic learning and social interaction, including...



Postural control refers to the mechanism that the body uses to maintain an upright position against gravity. It involves:

  • Muscle tone

  • Co-contraction of opposing muscle groups around joints.

  • Trunk flexion, extension and rotation.

  • Balance and equilibrium reactions.


Gross Motor Skills

This relates to large motor function, including bilateral integration (use of the two sides of the body in movement), midline crossing, balance and motor planning.


Fine Motor Skills

This relates to the small muscle function of the hand and the development of skills such as pencil grip and control, manipulation skills, cutting skills,  self care skills and other dexterity tasks.


Visual Perception

This is the process whereby the brain interprets and processes information received by the eyes.


For some children, these skills can be quite challenging.

We are here to help.


Sonya Moriarty, an experienced Occupational Therapist and Director of KIDS ON TOP Occupational Therapy for Children, has been working with children for over 30 years. Her hand crafted programmes will be tailored to your child's specific needs.


Each child is different, which is why KIDS ON TOP is determined to provide your child with the highest level of specialised and personalised therapies.

Handwriting Pro 

“Handwriting Pro” is a six-week evidence-based Handwriting program for lower primary school children, that incorporates instruction, progress reviews and home practice to enhance multi-dimensional aspects of Handwriting. The program is consistent and can be easily adapted to your child’s needs in the home, school,

and clinic environment."










Before your preschooler enters this next stage of their school education, it is important to make sure that they have the foundation skills necessary for a smooth transition to primary school. If your child is having difficulty in any of the following skill areas then they may need some Occupational Therapy assistance prior to school commencement.


Sonya runs a dedicated school readiness programme, targeted at pre school children prior to school entry.This programme is a group programme to include social interaction and group involvement. Skills covered in this group programme include...


    School Readiness                Program  

Dates: Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th of September 2022 
Time: 10-1130
Where: 49 Waratah St Haberfield. 

  • Hand dominance

  • Cutting, Drawing

  • Number and letter recognition

  • Visual Perceptual Skills

  • Following Instructions

  • Behaviour Management

  • Fine Motor Skills e.g. threading, posting

  • Gross Motor Skills e.g. ball skills, balance.

  • Self care skills.

  • Social skills.

  • Memory

This will be done by breaking each activity into manageable components. The activities will be fun and educational preparing your child for a smooth transition into Kindergarten.


The programme will cater to the needs of children preparing for Kindergarten and who may experience some difficulties in these areas.