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May 19, 2019

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Healthy Eating For Good Performance

June 26, 2018

Promoting healthy eating habits and behaviours from a young age is crucial for a child's developmental trajectory and lifespan. 


A healthy diet of nutritious foods provides the essential fuel needed to support childhood development. Along with physical activity it is also pivotal in preventing childhood illness' and health problems such as diabetes, dental disease and obesity. 


Healthy meals should include a wide range of fresh ingredients from the five food groups every day. Processed and foods high in sugar, salt and trans fats should only be consumed occasionally. 


Water is often replaced for sugary drinks such as flavoured milks, sodas and juice. Encouraging water with meals, before, during and after physical activity and when thirsty ensures every cell in your body is able to function effectively. It is recommended a child aged 5-8 should drink 1L per day and a child 9-13 should drink 1-1.5L per day. 


Below are a few trips and tricks to help you and your kids maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle!

Click on the images below for  healthy recipes your kids will love!



1. Maintain good eating habits

Good eating habits start through education and ensuring you know what healthy eating means! Share the responsibility with your child and help them listen to their internal hunger and fullness cues. 


2. Keep it consistent & portion food