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Fine Motor and Pre Writing Program

What are Fine Motor Skills?

Fine motor skills are the activities that require the use of a child's smaller muscles in the hands, fingers and wrist.

Some children face difficulties with tasks involving fine motor skills and coordination. This could include self-care tasks such as buttoning up a top when dressing as well as maintaining the correct grip on a pencil when learning to write. School children spend a significant portion of their day performing fine motor tasks, therefore it is important to refine these skills in the preschool years.

What is "Fine Motor Pro"?

KIDS ON TOP run a 6-week program, targeted at preschool-aged children in the year or two prior to school entry. This incorporates weekly Occupational Therapy sessions and a home-based learning program to promote your child's fine motor skill development.

The home program involves activities covered during the session for further reinforcement at home. These include pre writing patterns, identifying /writing numbers or name if appropriate, play-dough activities, threading and drawing shapes.

The fun and educational activities will help to develop skills including:

  • Pre-writing skills: The essential skills that assist with letter and number formation, important for classroom-based activities.

  • Cutting: The coordinated use of both hands to successfully cut straight and curved shapes, necessary for educational crafts.

  • Drawing: Increasing the confidence of a child to creatively express their imagination and encourage the use of a dynamic pencil grip

  • Number and letter recognition: Identifying and distinguishing between different letters and numbers

School-based tasks that are dependent on a child's fine motor skills can include:

  • Colouring in

  • Opening lunch containers

  • Typing on a keyboard

  • Erasing mistakes

  • Sharpening a pencil

  • Managing buttons on a uniform

  • Cutting shapes

Other important daily tasks relating to fine motor skills can include:

  • Brushing teeth

  • Using utensils to eat

  • Finger isolation to pick up small objects

  • Tying shoelaces

  • Playing with toys

  • Dressing, including managing buttons, zippers, snaps, buckles

By learning these skills, the program will also help to develop your child's sitting, listening and attentive skills.

What is included in the Program?

  • A program delivered by an accredited Occupational Therapist with expertise in paediatrics and fine motor difficulties and development.

  • A workbook that includes 6 weeks' worth of activities that progressively develop your child's fine motor skills. These activities focus on understanding basic shapes, numbers, the alphabet, cutting and following instructions.

  • A weekly home practice pack emailed to you that reviews and reinforces the topics covered in therapy sessions to promote the learning of your child.

  • A review of your child's development of their fine motor skills over the 6 week program and assess whether further intervention would be beneficial.

  • The program can be extended if required or requested.

For more information please contact Kids On Top

0427 689 963



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