Putting our thinking caps on (Executive Function)

Executive function is much like having an air traffic control system at a very busy airport managing the arrivals and departures of planes on multiple runways. Executive function includes the ability to: Focus Hold and work with information in mind Monitor errors Revise plans Make decisions Filter distractions. Science shows that we are born with the capacity to develop these skills, however they are much depended on our experiences during childhood through to adolescence. Creating the foundations of these skills is one of the most critical, yet challenging tasks in early childhood. Building on these skills are essential to healthy development and are the building blocks to learning. Nowaday

Handwriting - What do I need to know?

One of the most common referrals to Occupational Therapy is for handwriting. It is important to recognise that like anything, if you want to improve at it, you need to practice, practice, practice. This is absolutely the case with handwriting. If you want to improve, you need to practice! HOWEVER, it is essential that you practice correctly! This is template shows the correct style that children are, or will be learning in any NSW school. This is called the NSW Foundation Style. From kindergarten they will be learning the Foundation Print, from year 3 they will begin the Foundation Pre-Cursive writing. The outcomes for a kindergarten student in NSW in regards to handwriting are: To be ab

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