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Become a Handwriting Pro!

What is Handwriting and Why is it Important?

Handwriting is an important skill for all school children to develop that involves many components including:

  • Fine Motor Skills: the small muscle functions in your hand that help to develop pencil grip and control, co-ordination and hand preference for handwriting.

  • Gross Motor Skills: the large muscles in your body that help you to maintain good posture and and balance when writing, reaching across your body (midline crossing) or using both hands together (bilateral integration).

  • Cognition: the brain's ability to maintain attention and concentration whilst learning, and its ability to remember it at a later stage.

  • Language: the brain's ability to comprehend and process information received by the ears, be aware of letter sounds and understand what they are writing.

  • Visual Perception: the way the brain interprets and processes information received by the eyes and how it can be translated to copying and replicating letter formation.

Children can sometimes experience difficulties in Handwriting speed, sizing, alignment, spacing and letter formation. They may also need help with developing skills that contribute to developing neat handwriting like pencil grip, posture and other underlying skills such as muscle tone. If a child finds it difficult to write or draw, it may lead to the child feeling frustrated and avoiding the task which can reduce classroom participation and learning opportunities.

What is "Handwriting Pro"?

"Handwriting Pro" is an evidence-based Handwriting program for lower primary school children, that incorporates instruction, progress reviews and home practice to enhance multi-dimensional aspects of Handwriting. The program is consistent and can be easily adapted to your child's needs in the home, school and clinic environment.

The program includes visual prompts and stories to engage the children and assist them with remembering different components of handwriting.

"Handwriting Pro" can help your Child to:

  • Write numbers 1-10 with the correct letter formation.

  • Write all letters with the correct letter formation.

  • Write all letters on the line with even sizes and spaces.

  • Be aware of correct punctuation.

  • Be aware of good posture to ensure their body is aligned properly to reduce stress on muscles and joints when writing.

  • Maintain an efficient pencil grasp for all writing and drawing activities.

  • Develop underlying fine motor skills and the small muscles functions of the hand.

  • Become more confident in their handwriting!

What is included in the Program?

  • The program will be provided by an accredited Occupational Therapist, who has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in Handwriting assessment and intervention.

  • A workbook that includes all six worksheet modules that takes the child through step-by-step instructions on the correct letter formation, sizing, spacing and placement.

  • A weekly home practice pack emailed to you that includes letter formation worksheets, a weekly certificate of completion and educational handouts to promote neat handwriting at home.

  • A review of your child's handwriting completed before and after the program to understand your child's progress and to identify if further Occupational Therapy or Handwriting intervention is required.

If "Handwriting Pro" sounds like something you would be interested in for your child, or if you think your child would benefit form the program, please feel free to call us on 0427 689 963 or email us at:

We look forward to helping your child become a Handwriting Pro!


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