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November 27, 2019

This blog is a study guide that includes various tips and resources for English essay writing, creative writing and study. Make sure you check out some links listed below for extra information!



POINT- write your first point; usually your key idea. After this,   “relate” your key idea the question

EVIDENCE - this is where you need show evidence as to how your key idea relates to the question. This can be done by using examples from texts.

EXAMPLE-  this is where you provide examples. This can be done by including an example by adding in a quote and backing it up with a technique. Try using a lot of linking words and showing sophistication in your writing.

LINK- here, link back your statement to your question. This can be done by rephrasing your question.

End your paragraphs with ‘ending’ words, such as finally, therefore, in conclusion, too conclude etc.  This indicates clearly that you have ended your paragraph.


Some additional tips:

  • Never try to memorise your prepared essay. Using tips like this will help you adapt to any question and be able to answer the question you’ve been given.

  • Practicing by writing paragraphs for feedback from your teacher. When you have received feedback (for any subject), apply the feedback and see how you can use them to fix your writing, and then hand it back in for a final time. This will show you if you have applied feedback and how you have improved.