Holiday Fun Ideas- Lockdown version.

Whether it is is hot or cold there are lots of things you can do in and around your home or become a tourist in your own city/LGA with in your 5KM zone..

...So hopefully you won't be hearing "I am bored" any more!

With all the activity ideas on this page you will surely be able to find some better holiday snaps to remember the holidays with!!

Fun Ideas:

  • Seek out your local council, and surrounding councils, to see upcoming events or activities that are scheduled for kids in your area and if they currently being run due to restrictions.

  • Check out any events your local library is holding during the holidays on line.

  • Check if your local library is borrowing out books.

  • Visit different parks to ride bikes in your LGA.

  • Go bushwalking at local riverside or harbour parks

  • Check out social media pages of different local councils for any upcoming events.

  • Cooking and baking with the kids. Get their hands dirty and their tummies full!

  • Play board games!

  • Make a vegetable garden or flower garden.

  • Create a treasure hunt around the house!

  • Create a puppet show with sock puppets or a cooking show or a magic show.

  • Look up scientific experiments on youtube that can be done at home with the kids. For example: Mr Maker and Dad Lab - Google "the dad lab experiments"

  • Be sure to recycle boxes, toilet paper rolls, newspapers, bottles that can be reused for your children's arts and crafts. Make items such as buildings, trains, cars, play shops.

  • Create your own movie experience at home.

  • Go camping in your own back yard or lounge room!

Depending on the weather and Covid restrictions.

Try out local parks.

As Covid restrictions begin to ease enjoy a picnic in your local park.

Bring bikes, scooters, frisbees and kites.

Set up a game of Bocce, lawn bowls or cricket.

Create a treasure hunt in the park - collect feathers, leaves, stones.

Bring a plastic bag and collect rubbish in your local park and put in the bin.

Here are some ideas for families to do at home.

Enjoy the break.

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